Why Is The Creature Confused To See His Cottagers Crying?

How does the creature feel about the Cottagers?

How does the creature feel about the cottagers when he first discovers them.

What is the creature’s reaction to the way he feels about the cottagers.

The creature feels an overpowering emotion that is a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Why does the creature decide not to join the cottagers in Chapter XII?.

What event further confirms the creature’s hatred of humans?

What event during the creature’s travels confirms his hatred of humans? The creature tries to save a drowning girl and when the girl’s companion sees the monster, the man shoots at the monster.

Why did the monster kill himself?

The Monster’s decision to kill himself also confirms the importance of companionship. He recognizes that with Frankenstein dead, he is alone in the world, and he believes that without a companion there is no point in living.

What does the monster help Felix and Agatha?

What does the monster do to help Felix and Agatha? He tells them his story. He becomes their bodyguard. He takes care of their child.

How long did Frankenstein’s monster watch the Cottagers?

two monthsFor two months, the monster watches Safie interact with the cottagers and learn their language. He learns as well, and learns faster and better than Safie does. Spring turns into summer.

What drug does Victor confess to taking to help him sleep?

laudanumVictor Frankenstein, who incidentally was a medical student and not a doctor, was very disturbed when the creature he created killed his friend Henry Clerval. Unable to sleep, he dosed himself with laudanum, perhaps the Victorian era’s most popular medicine.

Why did the creature think the Cottagers were unhappy?

Why did the creature think the cottagers were unhappy? He realizes that their despair results from their poverty, to which he has been contributing by surreptitiously stealing their food. … The young girl arranged the cottage, and prepared the food.

Why are the Cottagers unhappy in Frankenstein?

The cottagers’ devotion to each other underscores Victor’s total abandonment of the monster; ironically, observing their kindness actually causes the monster to suffer, as he realizes how truly alone, and how far from being the recipient of such kindness, he is.

Why doesn’t the creature kill itself after this incident?

Why doesn’t the creature kill itself after this incident? The creature doesn’t kill itself because he believes there is still hope to talk to the old man, Delacy. … The creature decides to make contact with the old man when the rest of the family is not there.

How does the creature discover how Victor feels about him?

The creature had a very cruel and lonely upbringing because he was abandoned by Victor but Victor could not have been more loved by his parents. He found a fire which had been left by some beggars and was overwhelmed with the delight and warmth he felt. … He felt the way they felt.

Who is killed on Victor’s wedding night?

Henry ClervalWhen Victor sees the body, he does indeed react with horror, for the victim is Henry Clerval, with the black marks of the monster’s hands around his neck. In shock, Victor falls into convulsions and suffers a long illness. Victor remains ill for two months.

Why does the creature compare himself to Adam?

The story of Adam’s creation made the monster question the whereabouts of his creator and wonder if his creator abandoned him like God cast down Satan. The monster, based on what he had read, believed that just as God created Adam, so had Frankenstein created him; in that sense he was similar to Adam.

How did the monster help the Cottagers?

Desiring to keep his cottagers happy, the monster becomes an aid to the family by secretly hauling wood to the cottage and performing repairs, all under the cover of darkness. He begins to follow a routine of daily activity and time passes from winter to spring.

What does the creature discover about himself?

The creature realizes he is the only one in existence. Like himself he is monstrously ugly and he is utterly alone. He asks, “What am I?” and “Who am I?” He feels absolute misery.

How does the creature feel when he first came to life?

How did the creature feel when he first felt life? He felt confused because of all of the new sensations. … What was the reaction of the villagers the creature encountered? They shrieked, and threw rocks and other things at him, and drove him away from the village.