Why Does Victor Put Off Marrying Elizabeth?

Why does Victor ask Elizabeth to retire without him?

What does Victor plan to do after he and Elizabeth are married.

Why does Victor ask Elizabeth to go to bed without him on their wedding-night.

Victor tells Elizabeth to retire without him so he can go and find the creature and kill it.

What happens while Victor is searching for the creature outside on his wedding-night ….

Is Victor responsible for the deaths?

Victor definitely considered himself responsible for their deaths. He carried a heavy weight of guilt on his shoulders for the deaths and so much so that he made himself sick. I believe that one of the driving forces in Victor’s pursuit to kill the monster was guilt, along with anger and grief.

Is Victor Frankenstein innocent?

Victor Frankenstein is innocent. There is no doubt in my mind that Victor Frankenstein is innocent for the murder of Justine, Elizabeth, and William. They were in fact killed by a man named, “The Creature.” He in fact killed the two of them to get revenge on the man who created him.

Why did Victor postpone his marriage to Elizabeth?

Returning to Geneva, Victor asks of his father that his nuptials with Elizabeth be postponed until he has had a chance to travel. His real purpose for the trip he undertakes to England is to gain further knowledge before creating a second being.

Who is Victor accused of murdering?

Lesson Summary Victor is accused of murder. He is shown the victim’s body and discovers it is Henry Clerval, his best friend since childhood and his recent traveling companion.

Why does Victor abandon his creation?

Victor left the monster in his apartment because he was afraid of it and it gave him uneasy feelings. He looked at his creation as a monster.

How does Victor die?

Victor dies from pneumonia, which he contracts as he travels across the icy wastes of the Arctic to escape his hideous creation.

Who is killed on Victor’s wedding night?

Henry ClervalWhen Victor sees the body, he does indeed react with horror, for the victim is Henry Clerval, with the black marks of the monster’s hands around his neck. In shock, Victor falls into convulsions and suffers a long illness. Victor remains ill for two months.

What did Victor do after he left the magistrate?

The magistrate believed him, but said that he didn’t think he and his men would be successful in catching the creature. 7. What did Frankenstein do after he left the magistrate? He decided to pursue the monster and kill him.

What does Victor do after the creature comes to life?

What does he do after the creature comes to life? He feels like it was a mistake and when it is all done, he goes into his room and sleeps. Describe Victor’s disturbed dream.

What keeps victor from marrying Elizabeth?

Victor assures him that the prospect of marriage to Elizabeth is the only happiness in his life. … Victor refuses, unwilling to marry Elizabeth until he has completed his obligation to the monster. He asks Alphonse if he can first travel to England, and Alphonse consents.

What happened on Victor’s and Elizabeth’s wedding night?

What happens on Victor and Elizabeth’s wedding night? The monster attacks and kills Elizabeth. The monster attacks and kills Victor.