Who Is Protogen?

Who is the creator of Protogens?

Cedar Andrewswww.patreon.com/posts/37571222… This is a group focusing on the creation and sharing of creative works featuring Protogens.

They are an alien biotech-engineered species created by Cedar Andrews and Malice Risu.

The Protogen Website!.

Why are furries hated?

Now I don’t know if you are a furry, but for those people who don’t know what a ‘furry’ is, its a person who likes the idea of anthropomorphic animals. That’s it. … People hate furries because of the negative associations they have and misconceptions about the community.

Is it OK to be a furry?

There is nothing inherently wrong with being a furry, liking anthropomorphic art, or the fursuit hobby. There’s a negative stigma because it’s an admittedly abnormal fandom and because some furries are disrespectful and/or perverted people, but that isn’t the whole fandom, unfortunately just the best known part of it.

Are furries rich?

Most furries are rich in artistic expression and cosplaying their character living out a life that you only dream of… … The rich furries can afford 1500 to 8,000 USD to drop on a fursuit or even just spare $25 on some freelance art, which then then turn around and show off to everyone.

Why do furries get bullied?

Wether it’s over the internet or in real life, furries get bullied or made fun of for being themselves. This can make people ashamed of being a furry, embarrassed about being one, or make them act like someone they’re not.

Are Protogens illegal?

Primagens and Protogens, both species that are “closed” or “semi-closed” are not legally protected. … You may not have known, but a closed species is not legally protected. Original works of art of the species are protected however.

What is the virus in the expanse?

ErosEros incident It was a controlled infection of the entire population of Eros, numbering one and a half million humans. With this amount of biomass, it was revealed that the protomolecule had the ability to create a hive mind of sorts, which integrated itself with the computer systems of Eros station.

Can Protogens have wings?

-Protogens CAN NOT HAVE FUNCTIONAL WINGS or bigger than its body, even if they are not functional. This is only a Rare feature, which can be obtained only by the species creator (www.furaffinity.net/user/malic…) -They can not have living limbs, such as tail/arms/etc. So tail mouths/heads on arms/etc.

What is a protogen furry?

Protogens are a sub-species of Furries, originally made for space exploration. They are of unknown descent, but have been mentioned that they were created by unknown entities, (presumably the Furries), to explore space.

Who created Primagens?

Malice-risuThey are a closed-species, created and run by Malice-risu on FA – and the only way to obtain a Primagen is to bid on the auctions they occasionally hold on their FA page. And let me tell you, those auctions are no joke!

Who destroyed Donnager?

Believing that Mars was behind the attack, Holden sent out a message blaming them before the shuttle was picked up by a Martian ship, the Donnager. However, Holden changed his mind when the Donnager was attacked and destroyed by six additional stealth ships.

What happened to Joe Miller in the expanse?

His devotion to the search for Julie Mao turns to something even more inspired when he learns her ultimate fate and that of the other victims of the experiment. After seeking justice for the victims, especially Julie, Miller was killed when Eros impacted Venus.

What does Cibola Burn mean?

Cibola Burn The title refers to Ilus, a planet settled by both Belter refugees and a mining company from Earth, who both wanted to mine the planet for its valuable lithium. It may also refer to the ancient buildings they find on the planet.

Why did protogen destroy the Canterbury?

Anubis was one of 9 Amun-Ra stealth frigates constructed by Protogen. … The captain of the Anubis then had the Scopuli rigged with a distress beacon to lure the Canterbury, and when it arrived to rescue the Scopuli, the Anubis destroyed the Canterbury with nukes.

Who destroyed the Protomolecule builders?

IlusThe bomb on Ilus harmed the Protomolecule without touching organic beings such as Elvi Okoye, who managed to pass right through the sphere unscathed.

What furries mean?

Furries are fans of anthropomorphic animals. These are animals with human characteristics, like Mickey Mouse, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many mascots for sports teams. Furries are part of the greater furry fandom. Besides referring to fans of anthropomorphic characters, furries are also the anthro characters themselves.

Is Furry a gender?

78–85% of furries identify as male, the remaining identify as female; while most are cisgender, 2% are transgender.

Is catra a furry?

because catra Technically IS a furry but she didn’t choose being a furry, she was just born a furry,, whereas, adora…

Who shot the Canterbury?

Holden and his team quickly evacuated to the shuttle as the Anubis appeared and fired four missiles, vaporizing the Canterbury.

Why did Mars destroy Phoebe?

Mars figured that if they couldn’t have it, nobody could, so they destroyed Phoebe.

Why do furries say UwU?

They’re both common emotes both inside and outside of the furry fandom. OwO means surprised. UwU either means tired or content. … It’s just like a more furry-ized version of something like XD.