What Personality Type Is Sherlock?

Who is smarter Intj or INTP?

Yes, the average INTJ is smarter than the average INTP, but they have Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Then again, Newton, I’ve always seen typed as INTJ.

Actually, there are about 1.5 times as many INTP as INTJ, so that may have something to do with this imbalance..

Which MBTI type is the weirdest?

Registered. Infj are probably the weirdest since they are apparently the rarest type in the general population.

Can I be both INTP and INTJ?

Yeah, you definitely can be both an INTP and an INTJ. Or at least in between them. Each of the 16 types is a combination of pure traits. But if you are on the border of J and P, your personality will be a combination of both INTJ and INTP.

What personality type is the most intelligent?

ESTJESTJ- This type I would say, is the smartest of all the sensors.

What personality type is Jesus?

ENFJOriginally Answered: What might be Jesus’ type on MBTI? On the Internet (but I think that’s true) it is said that Jesus was an ENFJ. He was kind and sensitive, open to people and fully aware of their emotions (Fe). He was really intuitive and abstract in thinking and communicating, being a mystical philosopher (Ni).

How did Sherlock Holmes die?

Sherlock Holmes was dead — having tumbled to his death from the Reichenbach Falls, locked in a death-struggle with his nemesis Professor Moriarty. The reaction to the great detective’s death was extreme. … Eight years later, in 1901, came The Hound Of The Baskervilles, a story set before Holmes’s death.

Did Sherlock Holmes marry?

“Of course we know that Sherlock never married anybody. If he did become engaged … it was probably the reason why he went immediately to Switzerland and jumped off the edge of a precipice.”

Is Sherlock an INTP or Intj?

Sherlock, on the other hand, is led by an inner system he’s built through logic and that he utilizes to draw conclusions from concrete details in his external environment. He is stressed out by interpersonal interactions. He is an INTP, not an INTJ.

What is Sherlock Holmes personality?

Holmes has essentially an obsessive personality. He works compulsively on all his cases and his deductive powers are phenomenal. He can get engulfed in periods of depression between cases and is known to take cocaine when he cannot stand the lack of activity.

Is Sherlock an Infj?

Sherlock is SUPPOSED to be an INTJ – and in many ways he is just that. However, the writer is an ENTP and so can’t help but color him with a little of himself and Doctor Who. Also, Sherlock has a Super Power that we include in typing him.

Which is scarier an angry INTP or an angry Intj?

In the heat of the moment, an angry INTP is scarier than an angry INTJ because their anger is explosive and burns brighter, but for a moment. Picture the Hulk. Ultimately, the INTJ anger is something to be feared more because it is not an impulsive anger, but a cold, slow burning, rational anger that is unforgiving.

What is Sherlock’s IQ?

190Sherlock Holmes has an IQ of 190, which is considered as a super genius and in top 0.1% population of the world. Sherlock Holmes IQ was estimated by John Radford in his book “The Intelligence of Sherlock Holmes and Other Three-pipe Problems.

What mental illness does Moriarty have?

Sherlock must be really jealous… However this term doesn’t exist (and never did). Moriarty’s condition would be described in modern psychiatric terms as: psychopathic/severe personality disorder (more on this later).

What personality type is Jim Moriarty?

INTJPsychological Profile of James Moriarty. Notes: Jim Moriarty is psychologically similar to Sherlock in many ways. They share the same personality type (INTJ), and a lot of the same positive and negative traits.

What MBTI type is Keanu Reeves?

Keanu Reeves Personality Type – ISFP.