What Does Jonaxx Mean?

Is Jonaxx a teacher?

Jonaxx’s full name is Jonah Mae Panen Pacala she was born on January 23, 1991.

She earned her degree on teaching year 2011, and she’s now currently a teacher of pre-school students at Cagayan de Oro.

She discovered her flair for writing at the early age of 10..

What does Eurydice mean?

wide justiceThe name Eurydice is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “wide justice”.

What is the best stories in wattpad?

The 60 Best Wattpad Stories of 2019Malika Cruz – RachidaAnejjar. … The Ancient One – OscarHinklevitch. … Walk The Line – ZeroWineThirty. … Dagger – _Blooky. … Hidden – _CherryQueen_ … Year of the Snake – SpencerN1. … Fatal Conclusions – Shelby_Painter. … The Secrets You Hide – SheHopes. The Secrets You Hide is a thrilling story about a man who has lost everything.More items…•

Who is Cecelib in real life?

Abegail/Abigail De Silva is her real name. She was born and raised in the Northern part of Samar.

Who is the famous writer in wattpad?

Tina Lata (a.k.a. blue_maiden) Her top 2 books are still The Four Bad boys And Me with 276 million reads, which is a 100 million more from jonaxx top book.

What is the meaning of JSL in wattpad?

Jonaxx Stories LoverJonaxx Stories Lover is the meaning of JSL. They are the one who admire Jonaxx stories. Jonaxx is what we called our Queen J because of her awesome and unique stories. Jsl are the one who read, supports, and love all the stories of the famous author.

What is the meaning of the name Astherielle?

• Eurydyce – Goddess of the Dead Music(Greek) Amethyst – Gem Stone. • Astherielle – Elegant. Seraphine – Burning Fire.

Where did Jonaxx graduated?

Xavier University-Ateneo de CagayanConsidered as the pop-fiction queen, twenty-eight year-old kindergarten teacher Jonahmae Panen Pacala or more popular known with her pseudonym “Jonaxx” is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan.

What is Jonaxx real name?

Jonahmae Panen PacalaJonaxx/Full name

Who is the most followed author in wattpad?

Jonaxx- Jonaxx is the FIRST Filipino Wattpad Author to gain 1 Million Followers on Wattpad. She currently has a total of 1,825,705 followers. – Jonaxx is currently the Most Followed Wattpad User WORLDWIDE.

What is the meaning of Reniella?

Graceful, unbotheredAccording to a user from Philippines, the name Reniella is of Filipino (Philippines) origin and means “Graceful, unbothered”.