What Does ICE Represent In Frankenstein?

What message does the poet want to convey through the poem Fire and Ice?

Through the poem “Fire and Ice’ poet wants to convey that the world will come to an end either by fire or by ice.

Fire here stands for desire and greed and Ice stands for hatred and rigidity.

The more we satisfy our greed, the more it increases.

Similarly, hatred is also ruining humans slowly..

What do you think would be enough to destroy the world can fire and ice contribute to it?

Can fire and ice contribute to it? Ans: Our desires and hatred would be enough to destroy the world. According to the poet, ‘fire’ represents ‘desire’ and ‘ice’ represents ‘hatred’. Desires like fire spread rapidly and engulf one’s whole life.

What is the main theme of the poem Fire and Ice?

Robert Frost’s ‘Fire and Ice’ is about destruction, the central theme of the poem. The first part of the poem reflects on destruction by fire which is caused by obsession.

Can hatred destroy the world?

yes ofcourse hatred can destroy the world as the poet also said that if the world had to perish twice so Ice would suffice if people start hating each other so there would be a time when this hate would make them a beast who can kill others.

What is ice a symbol of?

Answer. Answer: Ice is a symbol of hatred, coldness, rigidity, insensitivity and intolerance.

What does the Arctic symbolize in Frankenstein?

The arctic represented isolation and pain in Victor Frankenstein’s creation. Mary Shelley used the arctic setting to correlate the monsters internal feeling with its environment that surrounded him. She used the arctic to symbolize Victor’s creation as empty, unaided, isolated, and confused.

What does ICE represent in the poem Fire and Ice?

Answer: Fire and Ice is an extremely symbolic poem written by Robert Frost. The word ‘fire’ stands for desire. … The word ‘ice’ in the poem symbolises hatred and indifference which is as cold as ‘ice’.

What are some symbols in Frankenstein?

SymbolsLight and Darkness. Light is a positive symbol in Frankenstein, representing hope, knowledge or learning, and discovery. … Fire. Fire is the dual-edged sword of light; it can sustain life by heating food, providing warmth, and ensuring protection from wild animals. … Adam and Satan.

What do fire and ice Symbolise and what they are capable of doing?

Answer: Fire and Ice both here symbolise as emotions which are powerful enough to destroy the whole world. Here, ‘Fire’ symbolises greed, avarice, cruelty, lust, conflict, fury, etc., whereas ‘Ice’ represents intolerance, rigidity, hatred, insensitivity, coldness, indifference, etc. … Both of them represent emotions.

What two meanings has the world in fire and ice?

In Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice,” fire represents desire and ice hatred. “Fire and Ice” is predicting the end of the world; fire and ice being the two vices in which the speaker discusses could possibly lead to the end of our existence.

What is a fire and ice?

“Fire and Ice” is a popular poem by Robert Frost that discusses the end of the world, likening the elemental force of fire with the emotion of desire, and ice with hate.

What does ice symbolism in the poem?

In Frost’s poem, “Fire and Ice,” the speaker symbolizes fire as desire or love, and ice is symbolized to be destruction and hate.