What Does B Wordsworth Reveal To The Boy At The End Of The Story?

What kind of person is considered a rogue by the narrator?

e) What kind of person is considered a ‘rogue’ by the narrator.

A rogue, according to the narrator, was not one of the usual callers at the house.

He was a beggar who asked for too much.

Not only did he want food but even a cigarette and that had to be lighted before he would leave..

Is B Wordsworth an escapist?

Wordsworth is an escapist. He has not achieved anything in reality. His dreams are all in his head. His actions do not complement his dreams and aspirations.

What does the boy learn from B Wordsworth?

Wordsworth on what it is like to be a poet. Through his conversations with the boy, we learn that to be a poet is to be so full of sensitivity that one can cry at both the joys and sorrows. B. Wordsworth thought the young boy was a poet in the making, for he possessed this sensitivity.

How is B Wordsworth a coming of age story?

Coming-of-age stories tend to emphasize dialogue or internal monologue over action, and are often set in the past. … Naipaul’s short story “B. Wordsworth”, the narrator tells us one of his experiences from his childhood days when he lived with his mother in Miguel Street in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

How is the issue of identity reflected in the story B Wordsworth?

Naipaul reflects a universal theme – the search for identity and meaning in life. The main themes of this postcolonial story “B. WORDSWORTH” by V.S. … The imperious colonizers had a deep rooted mindset that compelled them to control their colonies and change their national identities and interests by means of education.

What does B stands for in the name B Wordsworth?

Wordsworth. ‘ He tells the boy that the ‘B’ in his name stands for Black and that White Wordsworth was his brother.

How does the short story B Wordsworth explore the theme of escapism?

Wordsworth embraced escapism by excessively praising his own poetry. He was disillusioned and lived in a dream — like world. … The poet calypsonian built an imaginative world for himself he would consider himself equal to William Wordsworth. As he says that his name is “Black Wordsworth.

Do you think B Wordsworth was a good poet give reasons for your answer?

Wordsworth was an amazing poet. He was a key figure of Romanticism. His poetry merged the wonder of nature, God, and the universe.

What did B Wordsworth give as a reason for Travelling about?

Answer. Explanation: A Wordsworth to my daughter going back to compus, As are embarking on the journey to school, I am imploring you to be of good behavior; be nice, good and helpful to the people you meet on your ways as you might need them too also, do unto others as you will want them to do you.

What did the narrator learn from B Wordsworth?

Even if Wordsworth did confuse the narrator before he died and told him that there was no poem nor was there a girl poet. If anything Wordsworth has made an impression on the narrator and at the same time taught him to appreciate nature and to be confident within himself.