Quick Answer: Why Does The Creature Kill Henry?

What drug does Victor confess to taking to help him sleep?

laudanumVictor Frankenstein, who incidentally was a medical student and not a doctor, was very disturbed when the creature he created killed his friend Henry Clerval.

Unable to sleep, he dosed himself with laudanum, perhaps the Victorian era’s most popular medicine..

Why does Victor leave Elizabeth alone on their wedding night?

The threat that the creature makes to against Victor is he kills Victor’s wife of his wedding night. … The reason Victor send Elizabeth to their room alone on their wedding night is that he wants to protect her and Victor see in his honeymoon suite when he returns after searching for his wife’s killer is the creature.

Why does the creature seize the little boy he encounters?

Why did the creature seize the small boy, William Frankenstein? He wanted to educate him to become a companion. … The creature was delighted that he was able to create despair for his creator.

Who was murdered in Chapter 21 of Frankenstein?

Terms in this set (41) Who has been murdered in Chapter 21? We find out in Chapter 21 that Henry Clerval has been murdered.

Who is killed on Victor’s wedding night?

Henry ClervalWhen Victor sees the body, he does indeed react with horror, for the victim is Henry Clerval, with the black marks of the monster’s hands around his neck. In shock, Victor falls into convulsions and suffers a long illness. Victor remains ill for two months.

How is Henry clerval killed?

The two part in Scotland, when Victor begins work on a mate for the Creature. After he destroys his new creation, Frankenstein is arrested for the murder of Clerval (3.4. 3), apparently killed by the Creature as punishment for Frankenstein’s unwillingness to complete his work.

What is Victor’s greatest fear?

One of his greatest fear of leaving to England was that he was sacred for his family , no one was there to protect them. Whats ironic is that the reason he was leaving was ultimately to protect his family from the monster in the future. What evidence suggests that Victor feels responsible for the murders?

Why are Felix Agatha and De Lacey so poor?

Why are Felix, Agatha, and De Lacey so poor? They were born poor. Safie’s father stripped them of their fortune. The French court took their fortune and exiled them from France for helping Safie’s father escape from prison.

Who is Victor’s best friend?

Henry ClervalHenry Clerval in Frankenstein. Henry is Victor’s best friend who looks after him when he is ill and accompanies him to England. Henry’s purpose in the novel is to show what Victor could have been had he not been influenced by ambition and the desire for discovery – in that sense he is Victor’s opposite.

Who is accused of killing Henry Clerval?

Victor FrankensteinVictor Frankenstein is accused of murdering Henry Clerval in the novel Frankenstein. Victor and Henry had been traveling together in Europe.

What chapter does the creature kill Henry?

Summary and Analysis Chapter 21 At least two witnesses saw a large creature deposit the body of Henry Clerval on the beach and leave. Mr. Kirwin, the local magistrate, suggests that the whole entourage go to see the body.

Why does Frankenstein say that he killed clerval even though clerval was his dearest friend?

The death of Clerval serves as a symbol for the death of the last of Frankenstein’s romantic idealism. It was Henry who helped to focus Victor’s attentions on the world beyond the purview of science; it was he who enabled Victor to delight in the simple pleasures of nature.

How does Caroline Frankenstein die?

scarlet feverCaroline Beaufort The daughter of Beaufort. After her father’s death, Caroline is taken in by, and later marries, Alphonse Frankenstein. She dies of scarlet fever, which she contracts from Elizabeth, just before Victor leaves for Ingolstadt at age seventeen.

Why does Victor ask Elizabeth to retire without him?

What does Victor plan to do after he and Elizabeth are married? … Why does Victor ask Elizabeth to go to bed without him on their wedding-night? Victor tells Elizabeth to retire without him so he can go and find the creature and kill it. What happens while Victor is searching for the creature outside on his wedding-night …

Why does the creature kill clerval?

In the story, Clerval is an innocent young man who is a close friend of Victor’s. As a result, the creature murders Clerval to seek revenge for the pain that Victor causes the creature (such as the pain from being created and rejected by Victor).

Why does Victor destroy the creature he is forming?

Victor tells us that the reason he must destroy the female monster is because he does not want the “future ages” to “curse [him] as their pest” (174). He doesn’t want his own “selfishness” of creating a companion for his first mistake to end up disturbing the peace of future generations.

Why does Victor put off marrying Elizabeth?

Why does Victor want to put off marrying Elizabeth? He wants to finish the creatures mate first.