Quick Answer: Why Did Divergent Get Cancelled?

Is there going to be a 4th divergent movie?

A fourth film was initially planned, with a March 2017 release, based on the latter half of the Allegiant book.

The timing was changed to a June 2017 release, with Lee Toland Krieger then attached as the movie’s director..

Are shailene and Theo still friends?

Shailene Woodley and Theo James never stop grabbing the headlines after the Divergent series ended. The two had been romantically linked before but now they are in happy romantic relationships and are both busy with their respective projects. … Woodley shared a snap of them on Instagram stories recently.

Did shailene quit acting?

Actress Shailene Woodley revealed Friday that she almost ended her acting career before landing her starring role on HBO’s Big Little Lies. “When I was 7 I said, ‘The day I’m on the cover of a magazine, I’m going to quit,'” Woodley, 26, told Net-a-Porter’s digital magazine PorterEdit.

Does Tris die in Allegiant movie?

In Veronica Roth’s novel Allegiant , Tris does indeed perish at the book’s conclusion. … By doing this, Allegiant the movie will roughly follow the first half of Allegiant the book, and since Tris doesn’t die until somewhere near the end of the book, it’s safe to say that she will not die in Allegiant the film.

Did Shailene Woodley ever date Theo James?

Theo and Shailene have been constantly rumored to be dating each other and some tabloids have even reported the two getting a split, fortunately that is not true. It is simply because they are still really even dating to begin with. The two really just have an adorable on-screen wedding.

What happens to Tobias after Tris dies in Allegiant?

Tobias steals some of the memory serum and drives a truck back to his old house in the Abnegation sector of the city. He is alone, and he ponders taking the serum, to begin again and forget about all the pain he now feels after Tris’s death. But Christina comes to find him, and she convinces him not to take the serum.

Who is Shailene Woodley dating 2020?

Rodgers and Woodley were first linked in July 2020. Us confirmed in February 2021 that they were dating, with a source noting that they “started off as friends.” The insider added that the pair were “long-distance” at the time.

Who is Shailene Woodley boyfriend?

Aaron RodgersWoodley has been in a relationship with NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers since the second half of 2020. In February 2021, Rodgers thanked his “fiancée” during his acceptance speech during the NFL Honors for the league’s MVP award, confirming that the couple is engaged.

Why did they cancel Allegiant Part 2?

He shot Insurgent and Allegiant but left before Ascendant due to time constraints, meaning they needed someone new to come on board for the final film. Since Schwentke wasn’t up for a third movie, they couldn’t shoot Allegiant and Ascendant simultaneously.

How did Tris Prior die?

At the end of Veronica Roth’s novel, Allegiant, Tris Prior dies when she is shot while on a mission to prevent the Bureau of Genetic Welfare from carrying out an experiment on the population of Chicago.

How old is Theo James now?

36 years (December 16, 1984)Theo James/Age

Why did Tris die?

At the end of the Allegiant novel, Tris dies as she disseminates the memory serum to those in the bureau’s compound, including David, in an attempt to stop them from further discriminating and abusing “genetically damaged” people.

Does Tris and Four get married?

In my fanfiction Al is still alive and he barely passed initiation, so yeah. Tris never cut her hair because I like her hair longer! And Tris and Tobias get married, have sex- (there will be lemons), And have a child.

Do four and Christina end up together?

To the surprise of many fans, Four and Christina fall in love. Roth ends the story with a hopeful future for the two of them with Four professing “we work, and dream. We fight, and we laugh, and we fall in love. … Christina loved Tris just as Four did and they mourn her just the same.

Who is Theo James dating 2020?

actress Ruth KearneyJames has been in a relationship with Irish actress Ruth Kearney since 2009. They met at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. As of March 2020, the couple are married. In June 2016, James travelled to Greece with UNHCR, where he met Syrian refugees and learned more about their situation.