Quick Answer: Why Are The Cottagers Unhappy In Frankenstein?

How does the creature feel about the Cottagers?

How does the creature feel about the cottagers when he first discovers them.

What is the creature’s reaction to the way he feels about the cottagers.

The creature feels an overpowering emotion that is a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Why does the creature decide not to join the cottagers in Chapter XII?.

What is the source of Felix’s unhappiness?

What does the monster think causes Felix, Agatha, and De Lacey to be unhappy? Poverty.

Why did the creature watch the Cottagers?

Why did the creature watch the cottagers? To learn human customs.

Why is the de Lacey family living in exile?

The De Lacey family are the last of a noble French family. They lived luxuriously in Paris until they were stripped of all their belongings and fortune and banished to the German countryside due to Felix helping Safie’s father escape from prison.

What does the creature discover about himself?

The creature realizes he is the only one in existence. Like himself he is monstrously ugly and he is utterly alone. He asks, “What am I?” and “Who am I?” He feels absolute misery.

How does the creature in Frankenstein view himself?

The creature, on the other hand, has always seen himself as ugly yet capable of very human feelings. He sees that humankind can be godlike as well as wicked, and he recognizes that he, too, has the capacity for both.

Why did the creature think the Cottagers were unhappy?

Why did the creature think the cottagers were unhappy? He realizes that their despair results from their poverty, to which he has been contributing by surreptitiously stealing their food. … The young girl arranged the cottage, and prepared the food.

What does Frankenstein learn from the Cottagers?

As Safie learns the language of the cottagers, so does the monster. … Now able to speak and understand the language perfectly, the monster learns about human society by listening to the cottagers’ conversations. Reflecting on his own situation, he realizes that he is deformed and alone.

What event further confirms the creature’s hatred of humans?

What event during the creature’s travels confirms his hatred of humans? The creature tries to save a drowning girl and when the girl’s companion sees the monster, the man shoots at the monster.

Who does the monster kill in Frankenstein?

Seeking revenge on his creator, he kills Victor’s younger brother. After Victor destroys his work on the female monster meant to ease the monster’s solitude, the monster murders Victor’s best friend and then his new wife.

What does the monster learn from Plutarch’s Lives?

From reading Plutarch’s Lives, the creature gains ‘high thoughts’ and learns about society, in particular about towns and cities where men and women live together. He learns about the vicious behaviour of men in public and admires virtuous men and peaceful lawmakers.

Why did Felix attack the creature?

When Felix sees the hideous creature, he attacks out of fear.