Quick Answer: Who Is The New Big Brother Voice?

Who has won Big Brother 2020?

With the last three standing, Dan, Chad and Sophie, Chad has won Big Brother for 2020.

Chad Hurst was crowned the winner of Big Brother 2020 during Wednesday night’s finale, dropping a very loud expletive following the live announcement..

Are Chad and Sophie still together after Big Brother?

The former Olympic gymnast-turned-influencer told Daily Mail Australia upon arrival in Australia, she will reside in Brisbane. Her decision not to relocate to Sydney could suggest she and boyfriend Chad Hurst, 27, who she met in the Big Brother house, have officially ended their romance.

Who is Big Brother 2020?

Chad Hurst has won the 2020 series of Big Brother Australia. The 27-year-old international model from Sydney walked away with the title, after winning the public’s vote. As well as winning the title, he netted himself a cool $234,656 in prize money.

Is Big Brother 2020 Cancelled?

Last year, CBS officially confirmed that Big Brother would return for season 22, with the long-running reality show set to honor its 20th anniversary in summer 2020. But as we know, with the coronavirus pandemic, all has not gone as expected.

Will there be a Celebrity Big Brother 3?

Julie Chen Moonves Reveals Why ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ Won’t Return in Early 2021. For the past two years, CBS has announced the spinoff Celebrity Big Brother following the finale of BB19 and BB20. Because the network hasn’t mentioned the third season, many fans began believing it quietly canceled the spinoff.

Where is Mike Goldman now?

After the coronavirus pandemic hit, Mike started working as a professional Joe Exotic impersonator on the Cameo app. He also has his own podcast series, Mike on The Mike, and owns a live-streaming company called Everything Live.

Is there a Celebrity Big Brother in 2020?

The fans were expecting to get Celebrity Big Brother 3 in 2020, considering that season 2 was in 2019. But the show would’ve premiered between January and February of this year, which was right when the COVID-19 pandemic became more serious. … Per the report, this third season would premiere in early 2021.

Why did Big Brother get Cancelled?

Channel 5 axed Big Brother after failing to reach a deal with production company Endemol Shine. Endemol released a statement at the time saying the show would possibly consider a move to another channel.

Is the Big Brother house still at Dreamworld?

Dreamworld Studios opened in 1986 as the Music Bowl. Around 1990, the auditorium’s name was changed to Dreamworld Amphitheatre before being renamed Dreamworld Studios in 2001 when Big Brother Australia began production. In August 2019, the venue was demolished to make way for a future attraction for the theme park.

Why is the show called Big Brother?

The show’s name comes from the book’s leader, Big Brother, who watches over citizens at all times via telescreens. It’s a fitting name, but it’s not the only “1984” reference. The show also has a stuffed animal owl that chills in the house named Orwell after the author. The owl even has his own Twitter account.

Who Won Big Brother Australia 2020?

Chad HurstThe series was filmed in late February and March 2020 and aired during June and July 2020 on the Seven Network, culminating in a live finale on 22 July 2020, where Australia voted for model and tradie Chad Hurst to win the series, over Sophie Budack and Daniel Gorringe. Hurst won a cash prize of $234,656.

Who left Big Brother tonight Australia 2020?

Sarah McDougalTonight’s episode saw Big Brother’s youngest housemate, Sarah McDougal evicted from the house. The 19-year-old found herself up for nomination alongside Mat and was sent home in a landslide.

Is Big Brother coming back in 2020?

Back in September 2019, CBS confirmed that Big Brother would return in the summer of 2020 for a new season, and it was also confirmed that Julie Chen-Moonves would return as the host.

Are Chad and Sophie from Big Brother still together?

While Chad and Sophie shared a relationship in the house, the pair are no longer dating. Sophie confirmed that the pair split up on her YouTube channel.