Quick Answer: Who Does Tessa End Up With?

What did Hardin do to Tessa in after we collided?

The fight leads to another revelation: Hardin filmed having sex with a girl for another bet.

Angry and disappointed, Tessa asks for time.

She reads a letter he wrote, explaining his past and relents once again.

She overhears a girl saying they were together in a room and immediately grabs a random boy and kisses him..

Are Tessa and Hardin dating in real life?

Both are fairly private people and share next to nothing on social media, so there are no clues there. Hero Fiennes-Tiffin told Elle in February 2019 that his dating life has been sparse at best. “I’ve never had, like, a proper relationship.

What is Tessa’s secret in after we fell?

She’s secretly been seeing Christian Vance, his father’s best friend, and Vance is Hardin’s biological father!

Who did Landon marry in after?

Nora Gibson (nee de Laurentis), better known as Sophia Gibson, is a fictional character in the After novel series written by Anna Todd. She is the love interest and later wife of Landon Gibson.

Do Tessa and Hardin end up together in the last book?

However, because the final book has Hardin speed through off-the-page recovery to become a healthy person without being SHOWN that, it’s okay that he and Tessa end up together with a family.

Who is Josephine Langford dating?

Josephine Langford Boyfriend: Hero Fiennes-Tiffen Relationship.

Who is Tessa’s father after?

Christian VanceChristian Vance is fictional character from the After novel series written by Anna Todd. He is the biological father of the male protagonist, Hardin Scott. In the After film series, Christian is portrayed by Charlie Weber and Stephen Moyer.

Who does Tessa end up with in after?

Nope, Tessa does not get married to Hardin nor Trevor in After We Collided. There is a proposal scene, though, in which Hardin watches as he thinks about Tessa.

Does Tessa get pregnant in after we collided?

Do Hardin and Tessa have a baby? Two years after graduating NYU, Hardin and Tessa fall pregnant after trying for quite some time and even sadly suffering a miscarriage.

What happened to Tessa’s dad in after?

Series Information Richard Young is a character in After We Collided. He is portrayed by Stefan Rollins. The estranged father of Tessa, Richard left the Young women when his daughter was still young and never returned. Tessa has been estranged from her father ever since.

How old is Hardin Scott in after 1?

Hardin is forty-four years-old by the end of “After Ever Happy”.

Do Tessa and Hardin get married in after ever happy?

They’re married, happy ever after.

Does Tessa end up with Trevor?

Tessa and Trevor become good friends, and he even develops feelings for her. But her heart is still set on Hardin, and the two start hooking up often, which eventually leads to them basically getting back together.

Do Jem and Tessa have a baby?

After accepting some herbs from him, Tessa allowed Jem to walk her back towards the house, where she later gave birth to her daughter. They named her Wilhelmina, after their beloved Will, nicknamed Mina.

Did Hardin marry Tessa?

Hardin and Tessa are presumably married, however, it is never clarified. Hardin wanted to get married as soon as possible, but Tessa wanted time to enjoy the engagement.

Do Will and Tessa get married?

At the end of the series, Will marries Tessa, having two children, Lucie and James, with her. Jem has to separate from both of them now that he is a Silent Brother, however, when Will dies in 1937 of old age, his family and friends, Tessa, and Jem are all by his side.

Why does Steph hate Tessa?

She is jealous and competitive. … She secretly wanted Hardin and was jealous of the girls he was with, especially Tessa. This jealousy led to hatred and spite and fueled her plan to humiliate Tessa. Due to her hate and envy of Tessa, Steph gets help from an old enemy of Hardin’s.

How old is Hardin Scott in real life?

How old is Hero Fiennes Tiffin, what’s his age? Hero is 22 years old. He was born on November 6, 1997, making his star sign a Scorpio.

Does Tessa love Jem?

Tessa loves Jem. … She had thought the part of her that belonged to Will would wither and die, but knowing he loves her means it won’t; however, she also knows it doesn’t matter: she is in the situation she is in. She couldn’t promise Will all of her heart either at this juncture.

Does Tessa die in after we collided?

While some viewers were concerned that Tessa would suffer a bad fate in After We Collided, the character will be present in the future additions of the movie franchise. She also does not die in the book series.

Does Tessa die in after 2?

While it is safe to say the film does end on a cliffhanger, Tessa is certainly still alive at the end of it. Fans of the book series will know that at the end, Tessa confronts a man on the street who she refers to as “Dad”. The film takes the story in the same direction.