Quick Answer: What Is The Most Read Fanfiction?

Who is the Queen of Wattpad?

Jonahmae Panen PacalaConsidered as the pop-fiction queen, twenty-eight year-old kindergarten teacher Jonahmae Panen Pacala or more popular known with her pseudonym “Jonaxx” is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan..

Does JK Rowling read fanfiction?

JKR approves of fan-fiction. The spokesman for the Christopher Little literary agency said: “JK Rowling’s reaction is that she is very flattered by the fact there is such great interest in her Harry Potter series and that people take the time to write their own stories.”

What does K+ mean in fanfiction?

K+ – This one is usually pretty safe too. There may be some violence, and very mild and occasional foul language. Nothing sexually explicit at all, nothing more than a kiss would be appropriate for this category.

Which fandom has the best fanfiction?

Most popular sectionsRankFandomNo. of stories1Harry Potter827K2Naruto433K3Twilight221K4Supernatural126K16 more rows

What is the most read fanfiction on Wattpad?

Must read Million ReadsThe Bad Boy Is Possessive. 55.8M 1M 38. … Being The Player’s Neighbour. 14.2M 378K 29. … brothers’ best friend ✽ h.s. 62M 1.5M 82. … A Bad Boy Stole My Bra- SAMPLE. 104M 2.6M 44. … P.S. I Hate You (Harry Styles) 117M 1.5M 77. … After 2. 522M 9.8M 103. … After 3. 774M 9M 100. … The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me. 75.8M 2.2M 35.More items…

What is the best fanfiction ever written?

21 Completely Engrossing Fan Fictions You Won’t Be Able To Stop ReadingThe Shoebox Project by Dorkorific and LadyJaida. … The Life and Times by Jewels5. … Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky. … After the End by Zsenya and Arabella. … Twist and Shout by Gabriel and StandByMe.More items…•

Is fanfiction illegal to read?

Fanfiction in its current form is an infringement of copyright. Fanfiction is defined by the use of characters and expression from an original creative work and the creation of derivative works, all of which is illegal under current copyright law (McCardle, 2003).

Does JK Rowling allow fanfiction?

Another notable author who supports fanfiction is J.K. Rowling, who has said that she is “very flattered by the fact there is such great interest in her “Harry Potter” series and that people take the time to write their own stories.” However, she is also on the side of the authors who are hesitant to support fanfiction …

Which fanfiction has the most reviews?

What is the most reviewed Fanfic on FFN. The highest is a troll fic in the Naruto fandom: Judgement with 64866 reviews. The actual highest is Rebuilding (Harry Potter) with 38,039 reviews.

What is the longest fanfiction ever written?

The truth is the longest piece of fiction in the world to date…is a fanfiction. This fanfiction has 4,102,217 words, with more than 220 chapters! The fanfiction is called Subspace Emissary Worlds Conquest, based on the popular fighting game Super Smash Bros Brawl’s. adventure mode, the Subspace Emissary.

Which anime has the most fanfiction?

Top 10 anime with the most fanfiction2 0. 4Ouran High School Host Club.2 0. 5Yu-gi-Oh.2 0. 6Fullmetal Alchemist.2 0. 7Sailor Moon.2 0. 8Hetalia: Axis Powers. suggested byCourtney Onuma.1 0. 9Bleach.1 0. 10Sword Art Online.1 0. 11Dragon Ball series.More items…

What is the best BTS fanfic?

Best BTS fanfics that I have readBeautiful Nightmare (BTS;V) … The Boy Next Room (BTS JIMIN) … The BTS Gang [completed] … You Have Me (BTS fanfic/Jungkook fanfic) … Hating You Was My Mistake (Jimin BTS) [BOOK ONE] … Bad Boy In Love (Taehyung-BTS) {COMPLETE-BOOK 1} … Brainwashed | A Jungkook, from BTS, FanFic. 608K 18.9K 48. … i was wrong {min yoongi} 7.1M 281K 65.More items…

What is the best Harry Potter fanfiction?

What are some of the best Harry Potter fanfiction stories?Hermione’s Version.Post-Hogwarts.For The Feels.The Hermione Granger Can Do Anything Story.That One Dramione Story That Everyone Has Read.If I Had Made A Different Choice.The Head Boy/Head Girl Roommates Trope.Hogwarts Is Over And The World Is Terrible.More items…•

What is the longest book on Wattpad?

She thoug… Adipiscing written by non-existent author Tiitus Sokolsky is the longest novel it the world, containing 6,000,703 words and 27.228 pages (41.622.

Is wattpad illegal?

Wattpad does not permit sexual messages or solicitation. This includes posting content that encourages sexual private messages, on or off Wattpad, or posting rules for public or private roleplay that are intended for sexual purposes. Illegal Sex Acts.