Quick Answer: How Do You Reply To A Reply On Canvas?

How do I record media on canvas?

How do I submit Media Recording assignments?In your course, go to the assignment and click the “Submit Assignment” button.Click the “Record / Upload Media” button under the submission area.Click “Start Recording” when you are ready to begin.

When you are done recording, playback the audio or video for review.More items…•.

How do you reply to a discussion on Canvas video?

How do I post a video to a Canvas discussion? Create Your Video. There are several options students can use to create videos. … Add Your Video to Your Canvas My Media. Click the My Media button in the course left-hand navigation menu. … Open Your Discussion. … Reply to Discussion. … Find Your Video. … Add Your Video. … Post Reply. … View Your Reply.

What are threaded comments?

Threaded comments allow readers to reply to other comments inline/nested which encourages better discussion and responses. This means you can reply to a comment directly regardless of when the original comment was posted, and your comment will appear just below the original comment.

How can I see replies on canvas without posting?

Use the search field [1] to search for replies or specific authors. To filter by unread replies, click the Unread button [2]. You can also collapse and expand [3] all discussion replies.

What is a threaded reply in canvas?

Focused discussions only allow for two levels of nesting, the original post and subsequent replies. Threaded discussions allow for infinite levels of nesting. Focused discussions are relatively short-lived interactions, while threaded discussions allow replies within replies and may last for a longer period of time.

What does thread mean?

1 : a thin fine cord formed by spinning and twisting short fibers into a continuous strand. 2 : a thin fine line or strand of something a thread of light.

How do you reply to a comment in a threaded discussion on canvas?

Replying: After clicking the title to view a discussion, you can reply by clicking in the reply field below. This will open a text editor where you can type your response, add images, links, and media. If your instructor allows, you can also attach files.

How do you reply to a comment in a threaded discussion?

Reply to a discussion threadOn the navbar, click Discussions.Locate the thread you want to reply to.Do either of the following: To reply to the main thread post, click Reply to Thread. … Enter your reply in the HTML Editor. … Set any of the following options: … Click Post.

What is a threaded reply?

When you look at a discussion thread, any replies are indented so you can tell who has replied. Any replies to those replies are typically indented another level deep. So, it’s a way of easily telling who people are replying to in discussion topics.

How do you comment on D2L?

Reply to Discussion post in D2LClick on the course in which you’d like to access.Click on Communication and then Discussions from the main navigation menu.From the main Discussion List, click on the Topic you’d like to reply to.Click on the thread you want to read.Click Reply.Type your reply.Click Post.

What is a message thread in email?

An email thread is a single email conversation that starts with an original email, (the beginning of the conversation), and includes all of the subsequent replies and forwards pertaining to that original email.

How do you write a discussion reply?

How to Write and Respond to Discussion PostsUnderstand the Prompt.Refer to the Scoring Rubric.Present Evidence and Examples.Draft the Answer before Posting.Express Yourself Clearly.Respond in a Timely Manner.

What is a thoughtful response?

A thoughtful response is a response that is “full of thought.” In other words, it clearly demonstrates that some careful thought went into to the writing of the response.

How do you edit a reply on canvas?

Edit Discussion Reply Locate the student reply you want to edit and click the Options menu [1]. Then select the Edit option [2].