Quick Answer: How Do I Clear My Kindle To Sell It?

How do you change ownership of a Kindle?

Open a Web browser and navigate to Amazon’s Manage Your Kindle page.Log in to Amazon with the account that is linked to the Kindle Fire tablet that you want to personalize.Click the small “Edit” link next to the device you want to personalize.More items….

Can I deregister my kindle and give it to someone else?

If you want to give a Kindle you own to someone else for them to own and use, do the following. Deregister from your account. You can do this on the Amazon website, under ‘manage your content and devices’. Pick Deregister for that device.

Should I deregister my kindle before returning it?

Amazon recommends that you unregister your Kindle before returning it for service or repair.

How do you factory reset a locked Kindle?

Factory ResetPress and release the “Power” button to activate your second-generation Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD.Swipe down from the top of the screen to display the device options, and then tap “More” to display the Settings menu.Tap “Device” and select “Reset to Factory Defaults.”More items…

Does deregistering a Kindle remove content?

“Deregistering the Kindle will remove all content from the device. You do need to remove all purchased material from the Kindle device. Existing purchased Kindle content already on a device cannot be given as a gift according to the License Agreement and Terms of Use of the Amazon Kindle.”

What happens when you deregister a Kindle device?

When you deregister a Kindle, this Kindle is no longer connected to your Amazon account. So, your ebooks can no longer be found on this Kindle. Your ebooks are still on Amazon Kindle: Welcome – login, then go to “Manage your content and devices”. From this place you can download your ebooks again, to any other Kindle.

How do I remove personal information from my Kindle?

Factory Reset Your Kindle E-ReaderFrom the home screen, select Menu.Select Settings.Select Menu again then select Reset Device.

How do I factory reset my old Kindle?

To reset your Kindle, press or tap the “Menu” button on the Home screen and select “Settings.” The “Settings” screen appears. Press or tap the “Menu” again and select “Reset to Factory Defaults.” Your Kindle will start the resetting process and power off automatically.