Quick Answer: Has Wattpad Been Hacked?

Can wattpad be hacked?

Wattpad was hacked in May; “a few million” accounts may have been exposed.

Wattpad users have been receiving emails today from the company warning them that the storytelling social platform had been hacked Friday, May 29th.

BetaKit was first made aware of the emails via a tweet from tech journalist Mike Isaac..

Which country uses Wattpad the most?

the PhilippinesTo date, the Philippines has adapted more Wattpad stories for print, TV, and film than any other country in the world.

Is wattpad sold to the dark web?

We do not sell, and have never sold, any user personal information.

How many users are on Wattpad?

90 million usersCurrently, Wattpad has more than 90 million users who as part of the Wattpad community collectively spend 15 billion minutes each month using Wattpad. As of 2018 Wattpad there are more than 400 million story uploads on Wattpad.

How do you check if your Wattpad account is deleted?

To check if an account is closed If you’d like to double-check that your account has been closed: Type in https://www.wattpad.com/user/yourusername replacing ‘yourusername’ with the username of the account that you just closed. If you’ve closed your account, then you should get a ‘User not found’ page.

Is wattpad safe now?

‘The Safety and Security of the Wattpad Community’ Reports on data security sites have referenced an alleged 270 million user records being involved in a breach. … Wattpad does not process financial information through our impacted servers, and active Wattpad users’ passwords are salted and cryptographically hashed.”

Is wattpad getting shutdown?

Wattpad is not shutting down.

Is wattpad banned in India?

There are no major restrictions on Wattpad India, a sister concern of the global player Wattpad.

What are the signs you have been hacked?

Here are clear-cut signs that you’ve been hacked.Your gadget suddenly slows down. … You’re using way more data than usual. … Videos suddenly buffer and web pages take forever to load. … Programs and apps start crashing. … You start seeing pop-up ads. … Your gadget suddenly restarts. … Unexplained online activity.

Who is the Queen of Wattpad?

Jonahmae Panen PacalaConsidered as the pop-fiction queen, twenty-eight year-old kindergarten teacher Jonahmae Panen Pacala or more popular known with her pseudonym “Jonaxx” is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan.

What does M mean in wattpad?

Mom’s name(M/n) Mom’s name.

What is the most read story in wattpad?

Must read Million ReadsTyler’s Gem (Sample) 33.4M 722K 49. … Roommates ✔ 154M 3.7M 51. … Must Hate The PLAYBOY! (PUBLISHED) … Must Date The PLAYBOY! (PUBLISHED) … Must Love The Playboy. 13.9M 408K 36. … The Secret (Watty Award Winner) | ✔️ 8.4M 344K 54. … Second Hand Love. 2.2K 87 7. … Falling For The Opposite [PUBLISHED] 21.6M 549K 44.More items…

Readers. Wattpad has a passionate community of readers, currently over 70 million. I would expect this number to grow, as the company has some major investors behind it and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. As a writer, finding a passionate and engaged readership is often half the challenge.

Was wattpad breached?

The company initially outlined, on July 14, that it had been the target of a data breach, and that no financial information, private messages, or phone numbers were stolen. … Wattpad gave assurances that no financial information was stolen from the affected systems, since it does not store such information.

Is wattpad still hacked 2020?

The cybersecurity firm noted that based on its sources and a post on an online hacking forum, it believes the breach occurred in June 2020. … The firm also claims to have verified a sampling of the leaked user accounts.