Question: What Is The Best Star Trek To Start With?

Do I need to watch Star Trek before Picard?

3 Answers.

You can enjoy the show without having to watch anything in advance – as you mentioned yourself.

That having said, Star Trek: Picard is dealing with a few themes that can be better understood by watching the movies and episodes listed below..

Why did Star Trek only last 3 seasons?

Although many of the third season’s episodes were considered of poor quality, it gave Star Trek enough episodes for television syndication. Most shows require at least four seasons for syndication, because otherwise not enough episodes are available for daily stripping.

What should I know before watching Star Trek Picard?

Star Trek Recap: Everything You Need To Know Before PicardMeeting The Borg In The Next Generation. … Riker & Troi. … Picard & Data’s Relationship. … Seven Of Nine’s Voyager Background. … The Destruction Of Romulus. … Where Picard Has Been Since Nemesis.

What order should I watch the Star Trek series in?

How to watch Star Trek in chronological orderStar Trek: Enterprise (Year: 2151-2161)Star Trek: Discovery seasons 1-2 (Year: 2255)Star Trek: The Original Series (Year: 2265-2269)Star Trek: The Animated Series (Year: 2269-2270)The first six Star Trek films (Year: 2273-2293)More items…•

Which Star Trek is best?

Here’s our ranking of every Star Trek series, from worst to best.Star Trek: Picard (2020 – present) … Star Trek: Discovery (2017 – present) … Star Trek: Voyager (1995 – 2001) … Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987 – 1994) … Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 – 99) … Star Trek: The Original Series (1966 – 69)More items…•

Where should I start with the Star Trek books?

Star Trek books for NewcomersMillennium series. … Star Trek: New Frontier. … Star Trek: Corps of Engineers. … Star Trek: Vanguard. … Homecoming & The Farther Shore (Star Trek: Voyager) … Avatar & Mission Gamma (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) … A time to… … The Good That Men Do (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Which is better Star Trek or Next Generation?

The original series was a bit on the preachy side at times, but had some smart writing and exciting action scenes. TNG is often more thought provoking. The best TNG episodes are about ideas and character, not space opera. In that context, TNG is better.

What should I watch before seeing Picard?

What to watch before Star Trek: Picard (spoiler-free)Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Battle (Season 1 Episode 9)Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Measure of a Man (Season 2 Episode 9)Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Best of Both Worlds (Season 3 Episode 26)More items…•

Is Star Trek worth watching?

Is star trek(original series) worth watching for my generation? Definitely. … Star Trek: TOS is more about science fiction and less about multi-episode story arcs involving characters in a science fiction setting than its successors which makes for a good ratio of entertaining time to total watching time.

Jean-Luc Picard1. Jean-Luc Picard. There will always be debate on who is the greatest character in Star Trek history, although it’s fair to say Jean-Luc Picard is one of the few revered characters in the franchise who a bulk of supporters could get behind.

How do I start Star Trek?

There are 3 possible starting-points, IMO.The beginning of the Original Series. Proceed to The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, then Enterprise.The beginning of Star TreK: The Next Generation. Proceed to Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, then the Original Series.The beginning of Enterprise.

Is Star Trek a book?

The Star Trek franchise has a fifty-three year history of tie-in fiction which began with the 1967 publication of James Blish’s Star Trek 1. As of January 2021, more than 865 original novels, short story collections, episode and film novelizations, and omnibus editions, have been published.

Will Picard be on Netflix?

Exclusive: Star Trek’s Discovery And Picard Coming To Netflix.

Why is Star Trek the most popular sci-fi in television history? Because it portrays hope. It was the first, and one of the few, works of fiction to portray a hopeful future for human civilization. It was also the first to portray a future where people are dedicated to science and exploration.