Question: What Happened To Felix Family In Frankenstein?

What were Victor Frankenstein’s last words?

With his final words, Frankenstein even takes back his earlier warning about the dangers of too much ambition: “Yet why do I say this.

I have myself been blasted in these hopes, yet another may succeed.” Rather than learning from his mistakes, Frankenstein compounds one mistake after another, leading to his death..

Why does Felix leave safie and her father in Italy in Chapter 14 of Frankenstein?

They were once quite well off, but now they are in exile in Germany. Safie’s father, a Turkish merchant, was accused of betraying the French government, for which he was tried and imprisoned. … Felix took them through France to Lyon and across Mont Cenis to Leghorn, where the Turk tried to depart for Turkish territory.

What happened to the DeLacey family in Frankenstein?

The discovery of the plot by the French authorities causes the ruin of the De Lacey family, as the government confiscates the De Lacey’s wealth for their aid in the escape of Safie’s father. Safie also must endure her own trials to find her benefactors in a foreign country.

Why are the Cottagers unhappy in Frankenstein?

The cottagers’ devotion to each other underscores Victor’s total abandonment of the monster; ironically, observing their kindness actually causes the monster to suffer, as he realizes how truly alone, and how far from being the recipient of such kindness, he is.

Why did safie marry Felix?

Safie was eager to marry a European man and thereby escape the near-slavery that awaited her in Turkey. Felix successfully coordinated her father’s escape from prison, but when the plot was discovered, Felix, Agatha, and De Lacey were exiled from France and stripped of their wealth.

Why didnt Safie’s father want her to marry Felix?

Why didn’t Safie’s father want her to marry Felix? He loathed the idea that she would ever marry a Christian.

What does the monster help Felix and Agatha?

What does the monster do to help Felix and Agatha? He tells them his story. He becomes their bodyguard. He takes care of their child.

How did Felix meet safie?

Anyway, Safie met Felix when he was visiting her father in prison, and they fell in love. At the time, Agatha, Felix, and the blind old man (named De Lacey) were respected and rich Parisians. Felix plotted to help Safie’s father escape from prison, but he was discovered, and the family was exiled sans all their money.

How did Safie’s father ruin the family?

Who caused the Cottage Family’s ruin? Safie’s father was the cause of the cottage family’s ruin. He was obnoxious (rude) to the government and they punished him by trying him and sentencing him to death. Felix is at the trial and he feels the Turk’s punishment is unfair.

What was Felix’s punishment?

He was tried and condemned to death. The injustice of his sentence was very flagrant; all Paris was indignant; and it was judged that his religion and wealth rather than the crime alleged against him had been the cause of his condemnation.

Why did the monster cry when Victor died?

In Frankenstein, the monster cries when Victor dies because he regrets what he has done to Victor. And without Victor, the monster has lost all reason to keep living. In this moment, he cries partly out of remorse and partly out of despair for himself.

Why did Safie’s father offer Felix her hand in marriage and then take her to Turkey?

To encourage the young man, the merchant promised Felix the hand of his beautiful daughter in marriage. … The merchant, however, loathed the idea of his cherished daughter marrying a Christian, and conceived a plan to betray Felix and take his daughter with him to Turkey.

Why does the creature seize the little boy he encounters?

Why did the creature seize the small boy, William Frankenstein? He wanted to educate him to become a companion. … The creature was delighted that he was able to create despair for his creator.

Why did the DeLacey family leave their home?

Why did the DeLacy family (the cottagers) leave their home? They found out about the creature living next to them and became afraid. He was wrong to abandon the creature and realizes he should have tried to give him happiness. … The De Lacey’s leave because they fear the monster will harm the old man.

Who does Frankenstein’s monster kill?

Henry ClervalAfter leaving his creator, the creature goes on to kill Victor’s best friend, Henry Clerval, and later kills Frankenstein’s bride, Elizabeth Lavenza, on their wedding night, whereupon Frankenstein’s father dies of grief.

Why are Felix Agatha and De Lacey so poor?

Why are Felix, Agatha, and De Lacey so poor? They were born poor. Safie’s father stripped them of their fortune. The French court took their fortune and exiled them from France for helping Safie’s father escape from prison.

Why did Felix cheer up in the spring?

Why did Felix cheer up in the Spring? A stranger, a very beautiful woman, arrives at the cottage. Felix is ecstatic to see her and kisses her. Because of his Religion and everyone hated his Islamic faith.

What happens to the creature after he rescues a girl from drowning?

When the monster rescues the girl from the water, the man accompanying her, suspecting him of having attacked her, shoots him. … When William mentions that his father is Alphonse Frankenstein, the monster erupts in a rage of vengeance and strangles the boy to death with his bare hands.