Question: Is Stephen King’S It Worth Reading?

Is it by Stephen King a good book?

‘It’ is by far my most favourite novel by Stephen King.

It has got some seriously scary moments, I’m pretty sure reading which can give you chills.

I re-read it on a regular basis.

I also love The Stand, not so much Salem’s Lot, although it’s undoubtedly a good book..

What reading level is It by Stephen King?

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZGrades 9 – 12Grade 6n/aAug 15, 2017

What is the longest book ever written?

Remembrance of Things PastOver the years, there has been some controversy over what constitutes the world’s longest novel. The Guinness Book of World Records gives the honor to Marcel Proust’s elephantine Remembrance of Things Past, weighing in at 9,609,000 characters (including spaces).

Is Pennywise a girl?

Pennywise is referred to as It, as a species but Pennywise is definitely a female! She took the persona of the clown “Pennywise”!

What is the shortest Stephen King novel?

Cycle of the WerewolfHowever, if you mean what is the shortest Stephen King novel, indicates that that would be “Cycle of the Werewolf,” at about 128 pages.

What book does Stephen King think is his best?

Lisey’s StoryThroughout Stephen King’s approximately fifty year long career, his favorite novel has continued to change over time. Commonly, Lisey’s Story (2006) has been known as his favorite due to its ties to the near death experience he had in 1999.

What is the best order to read Stephen King?

Stephen King books in order:Bibliography by date1. Carrie (1974)2. ‘Salem’s Lot (1975)3. The Shining (1977)4. Rage (1977)5. The Stand (1978)6. The Long Walk (1979)7. The Dead Zone (1979)8. Firestarter (1980)9. Roadwork (1981)10. Cujo (1981)11. The Running Man (1982)12. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger (1982)16 more rows

Is the IT book better than the movie?

I would have to say that, in general, no Stephen King movie is better than the novel. “It” is no exception. The film is a way for people who don’t like to read or can’t stomach reading such a long book to enjoy the story, but for those of us that have, it is a pale expression of what King wrote.

Is it book worth reading?

I’d probably consider it one of the best books I’ve ever read so I’d recommend sticking it out. As for there being too many characters, I’d say just try to focus on the main 7: Bill, Eddie, Ben, Bev, Richie, Stan and Mike. You’ll start to feel closer and identify with each of them after a while.

What is Stephen King’s most sold book?

Let’s take a look at what they are.5) Salem’s Lot. Salem’s Lot is one of King’s best works to date. … 4) The Stand. The Stand is Stephen King’s end-of-the world thriller that shows the destruction of mankind by a deadly pandemic. … 3) The Shining. Most people probably never read the book the Shining. … 2) Misery. … 1) It.

What is a good book to read?

Cheers to the books we’ve been meaning to read all these years and should probably start at some point.War and Peace. by Leo Tolstoy. … Song of Solomon. by Toni Morrison. … Ulysses. by James Joyce. … The Shadow of the Wind. by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. … The Lord of the Rings. … The Satanic Verses. … Don Quixote. … The Golden Compass.More items…

Do Ben and Beverly end up together?

Beverly and Ben leave Derry together and head west; one week later they are married and just weeks later Beverly is pregnant, making another curse broken.

Should I read Stephen King’s IT after watching the movie?

You’ll probably find the story richer than the film because the film, while good, is like an abbreviated version of the novel. You’re also missing out on literally 50% of the story and the ultimate conclusion- the adult era. So go for it.

What makes a book worth reading?

In short, a connection with the characters. Characters are the most identifiable element of a novel. The more well developed they are, the more engrained any other philosophical principle the books strives to make will be become.

What age is Stephen King’s It appropriate for?

though some parts didn’t really register with me till I re-read it as an adult. So say ages 10+ depending on your kids maturity.