Question: Are Protogens Illegal?

Is it illegal to draw closed species?


Closed species are however made up of a set of common attributes, meaning it could be covered by a trademark because it would identify the artist or their services, but not copyright.

It’s important to note that legally you may draw an original character of a species no matter what..

What is a closed species?

A closed species means that you can not make your own just because you want one. You either need special permission from the creator of the species to make one, or you must adopt one straight from the creator (which usually means buying one). … But, even if a species is open, they will still have rules to follow.

What is Manokit?

Manokits are a species created by the fandom (Originally by DubMutt) and are a mix between Foxes and Sharks. … They have shark tail and a very fluffy body. They do have eyes, but the sun hurts their eyes so they close them all the time.

Who made the protogen?

Cedar AndrewsThey are an alien biotech-engineered species created by Cedar Andrews and Malice Risu! The Protogen Website!

Can anyone make a protogen?

Well, it’s because they are an OPEN species and therefore they are FREE to make! … ☆ Protogens are an open species, you may make your own so long as it follows the species design guidelines.

What is a crux furry?

Typically, a crux, or Latin for “cross”, is considered a mutant hybrid created from several species through magical accident or scientific experimentation. They are typically bipedal and sentient, have large ears, unusual fur patterns, and a tendency to affix accessories to their tails.

Why do closed species exist?

People create closed species for many reasons. For some, such as Ffaeries, it is to help maintain the lore of each character, and the species as a whole. For others, such as Primagen, it is useful to keep track of the characters themselves.

What is under a protogen visor?

A Protogen’s cranial organs (Eyes/ brain etc) are protected within the visor itself. Note that ninite cluster technology holds these organs tightly into position just like any normal skull.

How much do Primagens cost?

Tickets that are auctioned off to own a Primagen have sold in upwards of $600, $1200, and even far more in some cases, yet legally you don’t need permission to create an original character based off of the species, which they wouldn’t want you to know.

How do I get primagen?

Primagen characters can only be obtained through auctions held on the Furaffinity page. These auctions have been known to reach bids upwards of $1,200.

Are fluffy shrimp an open species?

This species is closed . How much do fluffy shrimp usually sell for? This species does have strong lore behind it.

How many furry species are there?

In an online study, we collected information on more than 6,000 distinct fursonas, which were categorized into 852 unique species (which were subsequently organized for ease of presentation.)

Is a protogen a closed species?

Remember Protogens are an open species! NOT Primagens, they remain a closed species.

Can protogen have wings?

-Protogens CAN NOT HAVE FUNCTIONAL WINGS or bigger than its body, even if they are not functional. This is only a Rare feature, which can be obtained only by the species creator (…) -They can not have living limbs, such as tail/arms/etc. So tail mouths/heads on arms/etc.