Question: Are Choices Hacks Safe?

Is choices a Chinese app?

This product will be officially released soon and we are very proud to bring our stories to new friends.

We consider our original Choices books to be the definitive versions.

As an interactive-story app operated in China, 1001 will make changes and adaptations for the content released on their platform..

How do you use a choice pass in chapters?

Premium Choice Pass. This pass is used to make any choice in the books that requires diamonds. If you have this pass, a pop-up icon will appear next to the premium selection with the option to select without using diamonds. This pass can only be used once.

Can you play choices without diamonds?

You have to play maybe 22 games to choose one premium option without purchasing more with your own money. You can get by with never using diamonds, but that leaves the experience a bit duller than you might like.

How do you get more keys in choices?

start any random book and complete First chapter So that you will earn 2 diamonds. There are N numbers of books. So just keep playing 1 chp of all books and earn more and more Diamonds. … Play the game always and earn the keys :)everything depends on you.Just use the tool!

How many diamonds do you start with in choices?

A typical purchase is 30 diamonds and you earn 2 for getting through the end of a chapter, leaving you no choice but to buy diamonds for cash (through the app) if you want the story to not be a snorefest. The game even charges you diamonds to change the clothes you want your character to wear. Shameless.

How do you get more diamonds in Royale high?

To get diamonds fast in Royale High, you can purchase diamond multipliers, login daily, sleep to level up, and collect diamonds via the art studio!

Is choices a good game?

Great game for teens Choices is a game that is pretty much like episode, just not as innapropriate. I’ve played a lot of the books and there is some bad stuff in them. As for younger kids, I recommend books like Hero, High School Story and The Crown and the Flame, but your gonna get LGBTQ in pretty much every book.

How old should you be to play choices?

12 yearsWhile free to download, Choices: Stories You Play is driven by in-app purchases and in-app advertising. This app is rated for users 12 years of age and older. Choices is similar to The Sims, in the sense that players take on the personality of their character and make decisions that influence how the story plays out.

Can you cheat in choices?

Some players or users may have a question about how to hack choices stories you play? But dear players, you must be aware of that, there is no option to hack the game, keys or diamonds illegally because they are on servers and no one can hack them from there.

Is there a way to get free keys in choices?

I love Choices: Stories You Play! If you complete a chapter you get free diamonds. Also if you wait for the timer near the keys to count down you get a free key.

Is episode or choices better?

Choices is definitely better in terms of quality and consistent updates. I do play Episode when I get bored, and I noticed that while a lot of the official stories are complete garbage, some fanmade stories are pretty good and not all totally cliche bad boy pregnancy stories.

Which is the best story in choices?

In ranking order, here are the Top 5 Choices stories you should read:Most Wanted: … Endless Summer: … The Haunting of Braidwood Manor: This mystery-thriller story is set in an abandoned mansion reportedly afflicted by paranormal spirits. … Rules of Engagement: … #LoveHacks:

Is episode appropriate for 11 year olds?

On the Common Sense Media website, parents have given Episode a parental advisory rating of 14+, whereas kids have rated it suitable for ages 13+. On the Apple App Store, the game is rated 12+ and on Google Play it’s rated “Mature”. That said, players of Episode are often impressionable older children and teens.

Can you play as a boy in choices?

You can only play as a guy but there are only male LI options.

How do you get free tickets on chapters interactive stories?

Collect day pass free to avoid spending tickets You can receive a free Pass at the Special events of the game. Also, you will receive one after you start playing the game. A free pass is similar to chapters interactive stories unlimited tickets to play the game free for a specific period of time.

Is the game choices inappropriate?

Great Game! Now, admittedly, there is some sexual content, violence, and crude language in some of the stories. … Diamond choices can definitely add to the fun, but the stories are already fantastic without the diamond choices.