Is Antrum Really Cursed?

Is the story of Antrum true?

Getting back to the big question, it is pretty obvious that ‘Antrum’ is not actually based on a true story.

However, inside the universe of the movie, the cursed film ‘Antrum’ is real and can very well take the lives of those who come in contact with it..

How does antrum end?

The Ending: An Imagined Hell Nathan ends up saving a dog from an animal trap, who he previously believed was the Cerberus. In the closing moments, he walks towards his sister’s tent with the trap, while she waits there with a pistol in her hand, assuming that the Cerberus is coming for her.

Why is antrum cursed?

Antrum is a film within a film, done up in a mockumentary style. … The supposedly cursed film looks as if it’s pulled right from the 70s, which is completely intentional; the date scribed on the credits of the film tells the viewer that it was made in 1979.

Does antrum actually kill you?

Antrum is deliciously unsettling and deceptive at every turn. It won’t kill you — and I’m not complaining about that — but it will sit in your mind for days after. Give it a watch, and be sure to check out the Else Films YouTube channel for more from the creators.

Who has died from watching antrum?

She suffered from a fatal seizure after a screening of Antrum. The next was Tom Stylum who died of electrocution. The last programmer, Joe Barringer, met his fate when he was stung by a stone fish. The deaths of the other four remain unknown.

Does Netflix have Antrum?

Netflix has a fantastic collection of films and television shows to cater to various viewers. When it comes to horror, the library is pretty well stacked as well. While ‘Antrum’ is not on the platform, you can check out Eggers’ ‘The Witch,’ a spine chilling horror story, where hell comes to earth.

What is considered the worst movie of all time?

The Radio Times Guide to Films described Plan 9 as “the worst film ever made” and “tediously depressing”.

Is antrum cursed?

Antrum, a feature-length film shot in the late 1970s, is said to be cursed. … The film opens with a short 10-minute documentary which examines the dark history of the film, after which you are given the opportunity to watch the original version of this cursed film at their own risk!

Is antrum safe to watch?

The movie opens with a warning delivered by a supposed expert: Antrum isn’t safe. It’s fake. The supposed curse and deaths are “part of the entire fake construct,” Express explains. … It’s said to be a story about a young boy and girl who enter the forest to save the soul of their recently deceased pet.