How Many Books Are In The Choices The Royal Romance?

Will there be a royal romance book 5?

Release Date The Royal Heir, Book 2 is the fifth book of The Royal Romance series, and the second of the The Royal Heir series.

It succeeds its first book, The Royal Heir, Book 1, and is followed by The Royal Heir, Book 3..

Who is the traitor in the royal romance book 3?

Anton SeverusIn Book 3, Chapter 12, it is revealed that he is a power-hungry noble named Anton Severus working with Lucretia Nevrakis to kill King “Liam” so that he and Olivia can rule Cordonia. He is more than willing to let others do his dirty work for him given that he sent a spy/assassin to take notes on your wedding plans.

Which is the best book in choices?

FOR ME, THE BEST IS WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT….Passport to Romance.Wishful Thinking.The Haunting of Braidwood Manor.LoveHacks.Bloodbound.Ride or Die.High School Story: Class Act.Home for the Holidays.More items…•

Which is better choices or chapters?

In Choices, people are respectful and they don’t really put you in compromising situations with no way out but to pay. However, Chapters has a better diamond system, like they have achievements which give rewards and they have little “cards” you can unlock and put on your profile.

Are Eleanor and Liam legitimate?

Liam is the second son of King Simon and Queen Helena, the younger brother of King Robert and the twin brother of Princess Eleanor. … Months later, however, it was revealed that Simon was, in fact, the biological father of Liam and Eleanor.

Do you become a vampire in bloodbound?

Throughout Book 3, you learn and adjust to your new powers as a Vampire and your psychic abilities increase exponentially. You are the first and only Bloodkeeper to be Turned into a vampire.

Will there be a ride or die Book 2 choices?

Release Date Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance, Book 2 is the second book of the Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance series. … This book has now been canceled as of 2021.

Will there be a hero Book 2?

2 is the second book of the Hero series. This book has now been canceled as of 2021. …

How many royal romance books are there in choices?

3 booksWe’ve released 3 books. 60 chapters. Writing for Choices — the weekly deadlines, the pressure, the multiple plotlines to keep straight — it’s intense, but it’s also the most amazing writing I’ve ever done.

Will there be a Royal Romance Book 4?

The Royal Finale is the fourth and final book of The Royal Heir series. It is alternatively called The Royal Heir, Book 4. … It is also the seventh and final book of the entire The Royal Romance series that started on April 13, 2017.

How many books are in choices?

Earlier this month, we passed a pretty big milestone: 1,000 chapters released in Choices! If you’ve read them all — congrats! We hope you’ve had just as much fun reading our stories as we’ve had creating them.

Will there be Nightbound Book 2?

On January 22, 2021, PB confirmed again on their blogpost that Nightbound would not have a sequel.

Will there be a Mother of the Year Book 2?

On November 27, 2019, PB released a sneak peek for Chapter 15. When asked about a potential second book of this story, they replied that they aren’t actively working on a sequel but may revisit it in the future, a wording similar to their statements concerning a potential third book for the It Lives Anthology.

Can you choose drake in royal romance?

If you decide to choose Drake over Liam in The Royal Romance, Book 2, Chapter 16, Liam is heartbroken but happy for Drake. … Drake and you accept.

Will there be bloodbound Book 4?

On November 29, 2019, PB released a sneak peek for Chapter 4. During the livestream on December 6, 2019, they confirmed that this is the final full book of the series (but said that this doesn’t mean that they won’t revisit the series) and teased new fun characters and settings coming up.

Is the Royal Masquerade a standalone?

The Royal Masquerade is a solo book. We hope you enjoyed playing this epic romance!

Who does Liam marry in the Royals?

Season 1 also starred Vincent Regan as Helena’s husband, King Simon, and Merritt Patterson as Liam’s love interest, Ophelia Pryce….The Royals (TV series)The RoyalsRunning time42 minutes (approx.)Production companiesMastermind Laboratories Varsity Pictures Lionsgate Television Universal Cable Productions22 more rows

Is Cordonia real?

Fun Fact: Dubrovnik Became the Capital City of the Fictional Country Cordonia. Cordonia is a fictional European country in the Rules of Engagement and in the The Royal Romance series. It is ruled by King Constantine, and is the home of Queen Regina, European Guy and Prince ‘Liam’.

Will there be a royal masquerade Book 2?

In case you haven’t heard, Bloodbound: Book 3 and Open Heart: Book 2 will be out later this year.

What comes after the royal heir?

The Royal Heir, Book 3 is the sixth book of The Royal Romance series, and the third of The Royal Heir series. It succeeds its first two books, The Royal Heir, Book 1 and The Royal Heir, Book 2, and is followed by the The Royal Finale.

Who is the Prince of Cordonia?

King “LiamKing “Liam” (previously Prince “Liam”), a character in the The Royal Romance and The Royal Heir series, is the Crown Prince of Cordonia and a potential love interest for Your Character. He became the King of Cordonia by the end of Book 1. His default name is “Liam”, but the player can pick a name for him.

Where is Cordonia located?

EuropeCordonia is a fictional European country in the Rules of Engagement and in the The Royal Romance series….About.LocationEuropeInhabitantsKing Constantine, Queen Regina, European Guy (Leo), Prince LiamInfo ViaChoices Wiki

What was the first choices book?

The first instance of this was Endless Summer, Book 1.

What is a crown shield?

Crown Shield is The Regent’s protector until Cordonia’s next king or queen is announced. Because Kendra’s assassin is still at-large, Crown Shield accompanies The Regent during the Royal Hunt in Chapter 3.

How old do you have to be to play choices?

12 yearsWhile free to download, Choices: Stories You Play is driven by in-app purchases and in-app advertising. This app is rated for users 12 years of age and older. Choices is similar to The Sims, in the sense that players take on the personality of their character and make decisions that influence how the story plays out.