Does Victor Create A Female Monster?

Why is Victor not creating the female monster right away?

Victor tells us that the reason he must destroy the female monster is because he does not want the “future ages” to “curse [him] as their pest” (174).

He doesn’t want his own “selfishness” of creating a companion for his first mistake to end up disturbing the peace of future generations..

Should Victor create a companion for the monster?

The monster offers peace and harmlessness with getting Victor to create a female companion for him. This would make him less miserable, and therefore the rest of man would be less miserable as well because the monster would not be harming humans anymore.

Did Victor kill Henry?

When Victor sees the body, he does indeed react with horror, for the victim is Henry Clerval, with the black marks of the monster’s hands around his neck. … Victor is overjoyed to see his father, who stays with him until the court, having nothing but circumstantial evidence, finds him innocent of Henry’s murder.

How does Victor dispose of the female monster?

Victor sets about his work, creating a second female monster. … Victor rushes to leave his island within two days, once he dismantles the laboratory and hides the remains. He sets out in a boat around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. to dispose of the remaining body parts.

Why does Victor ask Elizabeth to retire without him?

What does Victor plan to do after he and Elizabeth are married? … Why does Victor ask Elizabeth to go to bed without him on their wedding-night? Victor tells Elizabeth to retire without him so he can go and find the creature and kill it. What happens while Victor is searching for the creature outside on his wedding-night …

Why does Victor ask Elizabeth to retire without him what sends him running to the bedroom?

Why does Victor ask Elizabeth to retire without him? What sends him running to the bedroom? Victor thinks that the monster is going to kill him and he doesn’t want her to see it. Elizabeth screams.

Why does Victor marry Elizabeth?

He thinks this is a threat to his life, and he considers his options. If the monster wins, at least Victor will be at peace. And if Victor wins, the monster will be gone. He sees it as a win-win situation, so he resolves to marry Elizabeth immediately.

Why Victor Frankenstein is innocent?

Innocence lies in having no sense of guilt for any action of yours, this, Victor did clearly not have. The creature couldn’t stop himself from destroying Victor, because Victor couldn’t stop himself from creating the creature. The creature was an innocent; it only reacted to the actions of society.

What happens on Victor’s wedding night?

What happens on Victor and Elizabeth’s wedding night? The monster attacks and kills Elizabeth. The monster attacks and kills Victor. Victor finally tells Elizabeth his secret.

How does Victor die?

Victor dies from pneumonia, which he contracts as he travels across the icy wastes of the Arctic to escape his hideous creation.

Why is Victor jailed in Ireland?

Murder at sea A murder has taken place – the creature has killed his creator’s oldest friend, shipwrecked in Ireland – and Victor is presumed guilty of this crime. He spends the next two months in an Irish prison until finally released thanks to the intervention of a kindly magistrate, Squire Kirwan.

Where does Victor create the female creature?

OrkneysVictor travels to the Orkneys, remote islands off the northern coast of Scotland. This is where he will complete the work of making the female monster. The tiny island he goes to has only five residents and a handful of scrawny cows.

Why did Victor not create a mate for the monster?

Victor decides not to create a mate for the creature because he realizes the consequences behind creating a new life and not taking full responsibility for this creation. He has played God by bringing this creature to life but has failed miserably to nurture and educate this new being.

Who is Victor accused of murdering?

Lesson Summary Victor is accused of murder. He is shown the victim’s body and discovers it is Henry Clerval, his best friend since childhood and his recent traveling companion.

Where does Victor create the monster?

the University of IngolstadtThe monster is created by Victor Frankenstein while at the University of Ingolstadt. “Formed into a hideous and gigantic creature,” the monster faces rejection and fear from his creator and society.